Aspendos Antique Theater

The restoration work of the Aspendos Antique Theater, located in the borders of Serik district of Antalya, was carried out in accordance with the decision of the Regional Council for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Antalya in accordance with the survey, restoration, restitution, static and electrical projects. Within the scope of the restoration project, it was found appropriate to complete the missing stones of the cavea steps of the Aspendos Theater. In this direction, samples were taken from the original steps of the theater and stone quarries were collected from various quarries. Then, the samples of the original and samples were sent to the laboratory for analysis. According to the results of the laboratory and in accordance with the results of the laboratory of Antalya Regional Directorate for Conservation of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, laboratory tests result, as well as physical properties such as color, texture, compressive strength, mass water absorption, density etc. The use of limestone with the color of 'Korkuteli Beige' was decided. In accordance with this decision, the completion of incomplete stepping stones was carried out under the supervision of experts of the Directorate of Surveying and Monuments of Antalya.


In addition, the original stones of the theater in question were approximately 2000 years old and were worn out by environmental factors (rain, wind, etc.) and were grayed out. Over time, the color and texture deformation in the stone has penetrated into the stone. The color of the stones used in restoration will change with time with the effect of climate and natural conditions and will form the patina and color of the original stone material. As a result, all practices on site were completed in accordance with the restoration project and the decisions of the Antalya Regional Board for Conservation of Cultural Heritage.