Tourism İn İstanbul

Old Valide Sultan Mosque and Complex: It is located in İsk¸dar Topta˛˝. Sultan Selim II's wife and Sultan Murad III's mother Nurb‚n˚ V‚lide Sultan was built between 1577-1583 by MÓmar Sinan. The complex consists of the mosque, mosque, medrese, d‚r¸˛˛if‚, caravanserai, tabh‚ne, im‚ret and d‚rulkurr. The interior of the mosque is decorated with china and wood carvings. Şemsi Pa˛a Mosque and Complex: It is on the sea shore in Şemsipa˛a district. Şemsi Pasha, one of the viziers of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, built MÓmar Sinan. The complex consists of the mosque, mosque, tomb and madrasa. The medrese has been used as a library since 1953. Tiled Mosque and Complex: It is located in the Topta˛˝ district of İsk¸dar. Kˆsem Mahpeyker Sultan was built by MÓmar Kas˝m Aaya in 1640. The complex; mosque, madrasah, primary school, fountain, fountain, fountain, double bath and cemetery. The mosque walls are decorated with floral motif tiles of various colors on white. New V‚lide Mosque and Complex: İsk¸dar pier is to the south of the square. It was built between 1708 and 1710 by Sultan G¸lnu˛ Emetullah Sultan, the mother of Sultan Ahmed III. The complex; mosque, primary school, muvakkith‚ne, im‚ret, fountain, tomb and shops are composed of. In 1964, he saw his will.

Beylerbeyi Mosque and Complex: Beylerbeyi is beyond the pier, on the seafront. It was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan. M‚m‚r˝ Mehmed T‚hir Aga. In Complex; There are mosque, primary school, im‚ret, Turkish bath, muvakkith‚ne and fountain. The Muvakkith‚ne and the fountain were added by Sultan Mahmud II. In 1984 the dome collapsed due to a fire. Reproduced in accordance with the old. His other name is HamÓd-i Evvel C‚miid.