Gemiler Island West of Ölüdeniz and approximately 7 km. It is remote. On the island M.S. 5-13. There are remains of houses, warehouses, cisterns and churches belonging to the Byzantine and Roman periods which were understood to have been built in the 16th century. Gemile Island is one of the historical values ​​to be protected. The path that crosses the hill behind the Kaya Village brings you to Gemiler Bay, another beauty surrounded by olive and pine trees. The ships are covered in the bay just opposite the bay. You can catch a boat to Nicholas Island and see the ruins from the Byzantine period. One of the finds unearthed in 1990 by a Japanese archaeological committee in conjunction with the Fethiye Museum is that the island was an important center of visit during the early Christian period and Nicholas, the saint of seas, lived on this island. Fethiye In ancient times "Telmessos", "Meğri" in the recent age, the name of Fethiye since 1934, the sarcophagi from the Roman-Byzantine period, the famous Aminthas temple tomb and the museum are the places that attract tourists. Fethiye folk market has recently become a popular destination for local and foreign tourists coming to the district.

Daily sea tours in Oludeniz You can visit Aya Nikola Island, Gemile Bay, Karacaören, 12 islands and Göcek on the Fethiye coast and the boats on the coast of Ölüdeniz.