The Birth of Apollo and Artemis Apollo and Artemis are children of Leto and Zeus. These two gods were more of Anatolian descent, so they had a deed in Anatolia. Apollon and Artemis also kept the Anatolian side in the Trojan wars. According to mythology, Leto, pregnant from Zeus, gave birth to Apollon on the island of Delos because he was afraid of Hera, Zeus' wife. According to the common legend, Leto gave birth to Artemis in Klaros near Izmir and kept it there. For this reason, Artemis was deemed as a goddess in Ephesus. Apollon was born and raised in Patara in the Lycian region is more common. In the relief, Leto extended to bed to give birth to Apollon. Maids are helping to give birth. At the birth of Artemis, young girls (Horai) follow the holy birth with lavender flowers and opium cocoons in their hands.

Herakles - Antaios Challenge Antaios The god of the seas Poseidon and the earth are a dogma giant from the main Gaia. Antaios participated in the war of giants in Macedonia. According to mythology, it is impossible to lay Antaios down. When it falls everywhere, the earth is strengthened and lifted from the main Gaia. That's why Heracles took Antaios and banged him to another country and killed him. The Legend of Niobidler