Panagia Sümela

Sumela Monastery is a Greek monastery and church complex located at an elevation of 1,150 m above sea level on Mela (Greek 'black') hill on the western slopes of Panagia (Virgin Mary) stream within the boundaries of village of Alt˝ndere, MaÁka, Trabzon province. its name is Panagia Sumela or Theotokos Sumela. It is thought that the church was built between 365-395 AD. In Cappadocia churches, which are frequently encountered in Anatolia, there is a similar cave church in Ma˛atl˝k area.

Nothing is known about the millennium between the first constitution of the church and its conversion into a monastery. According to a legend told by the Greeks of the Black Sea, the two monks Barnabas and Sophronios of Athens had the same dream; In their dreams, they saw the place of the iconic icon of St. Panjia, one of Jesus' disciples, Saint Luke, and the place of Sumela, the place where Mary held the baby Jesus in her arms. On top of that, they came to Trabzon by sea without being aware of each other, they met the dreams they encountered and told each other and laid the foundation of the first church. However, the frescoes in the monastery often take place, given special importance to the Emperor of Trabzon III. Alexios (1349-1390) is thought to be the true founder of the monastery.