Yacht Tourism

Experienced sailors who previously experienced the Blue Tour experience; Unlike most people, instead of summer months, they usually choose to take a Blue Tour holiday in September. September is the end of the holiday season compared to the other months; It is preferable to spend economically affordable boat vacations. So most people choose September for the Blue Tour holiday. Why should we talk about September? firstly, there is no overwhelming heat in September compared to other months. With the arrival of autumn, the temperature in the sea water is relatively warmer than the other months. Besides, if you are planning to take a blue tour holiday by renting a sailboat, we can say that September is the most suitable month for the wind. Since the summer season is nearing the end of the school and the students and their families are forced to return to the cities they live in, the crowds in the coves also decrease significantly this month. You can experience the beauty of nature and the sea in a calm and serene way by choosing to take a blue tour in September.

September is a very good option for you if you see a lower budget for a blue tour holiday. As the next October is the end of the season, boat prices can be found at quite affordable prices as it is near the end of the season. Gulet, sailboats, motor yachts and catamaran boats can be found in these months, half cheaper than in summer months. With the end of the summer holiday, the number of people in the bays becomes less. Especially, you can make a more enjoyable holiday accompanied by the number of people who reach the unique coves that cannot be reached by land. You can enjoy the sea.